Holidays Unlike Any Other

This week, Angelenos are celebrating Easter and Passover under the most extraordinary circumstances as we all continue to respect the Safer at Home edicts. Cherished family traditions, worship services and festive gatherings have been set aside, by necessity, in the interests of public health. For all of us, it will be a season unlike any we have experienced, or likely will ever experience again. 

Still, perhaps both holidays, and their common themes of liberation, hope, renewal and victory over death, will have special significance this year.  They give us an opportunity to pause and appreciate all of the blessings that we too often take for granted.  And of course the holidays give us an opportunity, during a time of upheaval and uncertainty, to draw strength and comfort from our respective faiths and from reconnecting with family and friends (even if that reconnection may not be face to face).

So however you are celebrating this week, I hope it will be a time of joy and gratitude (and good health) for you and your loved ones. From my family to yours, Happy Easter and Pesach Shalom!