Historic Sidewalk Settlement Paves the Way for Improved Access


I'm happy to announce that the City of Los Angeles just approved an important and historic settlement that will make sidewalks accessible to everyone. It is a win for the disabled community, for our elderly residents and anyone who has ever taken a walk in Los Angeles.

For more than 40 years, hundreds of miles of broken sidewalks have plagued neighborhoods from the San Fernando Valley to the South Bay. All of that is set to change with the settlement in Willits v. City of Los Angeles, which will result in a nearly $1.4 billion investment in city sidewalk repairs and other pedestrian improvements over the next 30 years.

This is the first time in the city's history that we've made a commitment like this and I'm proud to have played a central role in making it a reality. We are already seeing what is possible when the city prioritizes sidewalk repair. Over the past two years, we have dedicated $27 million to fixing sidewalks more than ever before which has resulted in repairs and improved access at city parks, libraries and community centers.

With this new, multi-decade commitment, I am certain we will be able to do much more. We will be able to ensure good, safe and accessible sidewalks everywhere, which has always been my goal. 

Our work is not done on this issue. Councilmember Joe Buscaino and I will be holding a number of joint Budget and Finance and Public Works Committee meetings in the coming months to develop a comprehensive policy on how the city will implement this settlement agreement. These meetings will include discussions on how we can not only repair sidewalks adjacent to city properties, but also those next to hospitals, outside of businesses and in front of our homes.

Your input will be essential to this process. I am committed to drawing the broadest possible input from residents across the city so that we can craft the best possible policies going forward.

I'll let you know about the upcoming sidewalk meetings soon. In the meantime, if you have ideas about our sidewalk
program, please email me at [email protected].