Hiring Hall Payroll Expenditures / Bureau of Street Services Fund / Funding

MOTION-- The Bureau of Street Services (StreetsLA) employs a combination of civil service and hiring hall staff
along with contractors, to complete its work programs. Due to fluctuations in these programs along
with continued attrition and vacancies in civil service positions, StreetsLA continues to employ hiring
hall staff in 2020-21 to supplement its existing workforce until permanent civil service positions are

These additional hiring hall staff are supplementing crews working on a variety of projects including
Complete Streets, Vision Zero concrete work, the Sidewalk Repair Program, and the Crenshaw
Boulevard Sidewalk and Curb Restoration Project, which are ongoing projects this year.

Due to the fluctuating nature of StreetsLA work, programs along with ongoing delays in hiring,
StreetsLA continues to utilize hiring hall employees and needs to move funding accordingly to cover
hiring hall payroll expenditures.

I THEREFORE MOVE, subject to the approval of the Mayor, that the Controller be authorized to
transfer $600,000 from Bureau of Street Services Fund 100/86, Account 001010, Salaries General
($300,000) and Account 003030, Construction Expense ($300,000) to Bureau of Street Services Fund
100/86, Account 001100, Hiring Hall Salaries ($400,000), and Account 001120, Hiring Hall Benefits

I FURTHER MOVE that the Council authorize and instruct the CAO and Controller to take any
necessary actions and make any technical corrections to the above instructions in order to effectuate
the intent of this motion.