Hailing Taxis

This week, some two dozen taxi cab drivers and allies attended the meeting of the Trade, Travel, and Tourism Committee to express yet again their opposition to recently-enacted rules at LAX that adversely affect the drivers' ability to make a living.

A person who addressed the committee said that taxi cab business on Sundays - the busiest day at the airport - is down 39 percent over the past three months.

I am a strong opponent of the new rules, which give Uber, Lyft, and other Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) a tremendous advantage over taxi cabs. As I stated at the meeting: "Hard-working people are at risk of losing everything they own."

The solution is to allow the cab industry back in the Central Terminal Area CTA, at cab stands, under regulation by the City of Los Angeles, and leave the TNCs out of the LAX-it line.

I will not sit by and allow a still-viable industry deteriorate due to ill-advised rules at LAX.