The Greening Of Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES - At a time when environmental catastrophes are measured in decades rather than centuries, the City of Los Angeles demonstrated again this week its unparalleled commitment to policies designed to counter the effects of climate change. 

Councilmember Krekorian joined Mayor Garcetti, several colleagues, and a large contingent of environmental activists at a press conference for the signing of an executive directive, based on initiatives already advanced by the Council, calling on the City to achieve the "Five Zeros" as defined in LA's Green New Deal:

Zero carbon grid, zero carbon transportation, zero carbon buildings, zero waste, and zero wasted water. 

The councilmember has led the effort on zero wasted water, including phasing out the sale of single-use plastic water bottles at City facilities and events and piloting recycled asphalt on our streets using post-consumer plastic water bottles. Regarding zero carbon transportation, he was also an early and vocal advocate in the move to electrify the Metro Orange Line, which is ongoing through this year, and the transition to an all-battery electric bus fleet by 2030. 

Nia Smith, a college student and member of the Mayor's Youth Council for Climate Action, noted that climate change is the pivotal issue for her generation. The enthusiasm at this week's event indicated that in Los Angeles, the effort has been embraced by people of all ages and backgrounds.