FlashSystem 9200 Drive / IBM / COVID-19 Emergency Data Storage / Information Technology Agency / Donation

IBM has offered to donate a FlashSystem 9200 drive with 595 TB in effective storage,
configured with accompanying hardware, plus a 5-year warranty and 5 years of
complimentary service (to run concurrent with the warranty) to upgrade the City’s critical
data storage operations during the current COVID-19 emergency,

IBM is providing this donation to the City, and not to any particular individual or employee.

Such donation is not being offered for the purpose of, nor shall it constitute, lobbying in any
manner, and is being offered without any intention to or actual influence on any past or
future procurement decision, strictly independent of any past, present or potential future
transaction, procurement or other arrangements, and is not connected to an existing or
potential future business relationship between the City and IBM. IBM further asserts that
the donation is neither intended to nor does raise any actual or potential conflicts of

Action is needed to accept the donation, which has an estimated purchase value of
approximately $1,000,000, and to thank the donor.

I THEREFORE MOVE that the City Council accept the donation by IBM for use by the
Information Technology Agency, as described in the text of this Motion.

I FURTHER MOVE that the Information Technology Agency be instructed to record the
donated equipment on the Department’s inventory list and to thank the donors on behalf of
the City.