First 100 Days of the New Council

In the first 100 days since five new members took office, the reconstituted Council has...

  • Enacted a set of ordinances that protect tenants from arbitrary eviction, while allowing landlords to collect the rent they rely on.
  • Fully enacted our comprehensive policy on plastics pollution.
  • Prohibited oil and gas drilling throughout the city and begun the process for shutting down existing  wells that have exposed our neighborhoods to toxic chemicals for generations.
  • Partnered with Mayor Bass in declaring  a State of Emergency on homelessness and invested $50 million in the  Inside Safe program.

In the  first 100 days, the City has moved more than 3,800 people off the streets and into shelter without a single arrest.  Moving people experiencing homelessness from the streets to permanent housing is a challenging process, but getting them off the streets and into shelter is an essential first step.

We still need more permanent supportive housing for those who would  otherwise be  homeless, and more affordable housing for everyone. More than 8,000 units of proposed new affordable housing are now getting an expedited review process, while the City has identified  3,300 parcels of City-owned land that are being evaluated for potential use  for interim shelter or affordable housing.