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MOTION-- After many years of vastly reduced rates of violent crime in Los Angeles, there has been a
significant recent spike in shootings. LAPD is finding that untraceable firearms built from
kits or components, also known as "Ghost Guns/’ are frequently being used in violent

The prevalence of Ghost Guns makes it easier for unauthorized individuals to obtain
firearms. These guns also make it more difficult for law enforcement to identify and arrest
perpetrators. As such, the proliferation of Ghost Guns presents a significant threat to the
health and safety of the City's residents.

The City Attorney's office is analyzing strategies to combat the presence of Ghost Guns in
the City. The City Attorney is requesting Council’s authority to retain Everytown Law and
Quinn Emmanuel Urquhart & Sullivan to provide pro bono legal assistance, at no cost to the
City, to assist in this work. The City Attorney has confirmed that there are no legal conflicts
which would preclude either law firm from providing services on this matter.

It is imperative that the City Attorney’s Office have all the tools necessary to stop the
proliferation of Ghost Guns on City streets.

I THEREFORE MOVE that the City Attorney be authorized to negotiate and execute
contracts with Everytown Law and Quinn Emmanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, to provide pro
bono services to the City Attorney’s office supporting its efforts to develop and implement
legal strategies to stop the proliferation of Ghost Guns.