Electric Vehicles Charging Stations / Expedite Permitting Process / AB 1236 / AB 970

MOTION-- In 2015, the State of California amended Government Code Section 65850.7 (AB 1236) to
require that all cities and counties with a population of 200,000 or more residents adopt an
ordinance to streamline and expedite the permitting process for electric vehicle charging
stations (EVCS). Pursuant to Government Code Section 65850.7(g)(1), the City must create
such an ordinance and adopt a checklist of all requirements and permitting documentation
to facilitate the permitting of EVCS provided that they meet all applicable local, state, and
federal health and safety standards, all applicable performance standards, and do not have
a specific, adverse impact upon the public health or safety. The stated purpose of AB 1236
is to lower the cost of installation, expedite permitting, and expand the infrastructure
needed to meet statewide EVCS goals.

In 2021, the State of California also added Government Code Section 65850.71 (AB 970) to
require that cities and counties deem an EVCS application complete within 5 or 10 business
days, depending on the number of proposed EVCS, and that cities and counties deem a
permit application approved within 20 or 40 business days after a permit application is
deemed complete, depending on the number of proposed EVCS.

While the Departments of Building and Safety and City Planning have each taken proactive
measures to promote electric vehicle adoption, including creating express permits for
certain EVSC installations and prioritizing EV plan checks, the City does not have an
ordinance that addresses the requirements of AB 1236 and AB 970.

I THEREFORE MOVE, that the Council instruct the Department of Building and Safety, in
consultation with City Attorney and the Planning Department, to prepare and present an
ordinance that streamlines and expedites the permitting process for electric vehicle
charging stations (EVCS) in compliance with the requirements of Government Code
Sections 65850.7 and 65850.71.