Creating Jobs for Los Angeles


On Wednesday, the first day of business for the new City Council, I was appointed by Council President Herb Wesson to chair a new committee tasked with crafting a comprehensive jobs plan for Los Angeles - the Ad Hoc Committee on Job Creation.

As my first act, I introduced a motion to create economic incentive zones throughout the city. These Jobs and Economic Development Incentive (JEDI) Zones would be parts of the city designated to receive special economic development benefits in order to lure new businesses and industries into Los Angeles and to spur growth for those already here.

My goal is to develop the local economy in a way that employs large numbers of local residents in good-paying jobs, maintains industries that are mainstays of the LA economy, revitalizes underserved communities and creates industries likely to be critical in a 21st Century economy.

By raising the minimum wage citywide, we ensured that low-wage workers will earn more and spend more in our great city. That was an important first step to stimulate LA's economic recovery, but it was just the beginning. The next frontier is developing a comprehensive plan to stimulate continued job growth and economic development in the neighborhoods that need it most. Creating special areas where the city will help businesses thrive will go a long way toward revitalizing our communities.


My motion on JEDI Zones will be heard by the committee later this summer, and I hope to begin studying where and how to create these zones soon thereafter. Please stay tuned for updates and, as always, contact me at [email protected] if you have ideas or comments about this policy proposal.