COVID 19 Testing Sites / Los Angeles Fire Department / Salary Accounts / Fund Transfer

MOTION-- The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) has committed sworn resources to COVID
response since March 2020, having opened several COVID testing sites as part of the City’s
front-line response help curb community spread. Since January 2021, vaccination efforts have
significantly ramped up at many of these locations, increasing the LAFD member resources
required for effective operation. Presently, there are 21 sites and teams as listed below, most
operating seven days a week through extended daily hours, and with the numbers likely to

These ongoing operations have burdened the Department’s sworn overtime accounts.
Payroll shortfalls are imminent with expenditures currently trending in the $1.8 million range per
pay period.

• 8 fixed testing/vaccination sites

• 8 mobile teams

• 3 Dependent Homebound Population teams

• 2 Persons Experiencing Homelessness teams

Council approval is urgently needed to expedite the necessary transfer of funds to
balance salary accounts. A funding transfer was requested in the FY 20-21 Midyear FSR;
however, that report will not be released for some time yet. This transfer is in addition to the
Midyear request. Funding for the requested transfer is available from prior years’ uncommitted
Inter-governmental Transfer Program funds and will cover two pay periods under the current
staffing deployment. Some of this funding will offset a shortfall in the Operating Supplies
account which has been a source of funding for field expenses. Because this transaction
involves one-time special fund savings, there is no General Fund impact. COVID related
expenses are tracked by the Department and reported accordingly for full FEMA

I THEREFORE MOVE that City Council, subject to approval of the Mayor, authorize the
Controller to transfer a total of $4.2 million to Fund 100/38, as follows: (Chart in Official Motion)