COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Sites / Unpaid Expenses and Invoices / Reserve Fund / Appropriation

MOTION-- Throughout 2020 and into 2021, the city went to extraordinary lengths to provide COVID
testing to notify people when they were infected and slow or stop the spread of COVID-19
throughout the region. The city operated both small regional testing locations, as well as
mass testing sites such as the one at Dodger Stadium. After COVID vaccines were widely
available, the city then converted those testing locations into mass vaccination sites.

All of these efforts were initially at the city’s expense, with the expectation that those
expenses would be eligible for reimbursement by the Federal Emergency Management
Agency (FEMAJ.

As a result of the transition between fiscal years, there are several invoices to vendors and
service providers that remain unpaid and require the city to make the initial payments
pending reimbursement by FEMA. To-date, nearly $46 million in invoices are outstanding
and need to be paid. A reserve fund loan to cover these expenses and is expected to be
100% recovered in the form of reimbursements from FEMA.

1 THEREFORE MOVE that the Council authorize the Controller to appropriate $46 million
from the Reserve Fund No. 101, to the Unappropriated Balance Fund No. 100/58, and
appropriate therefrom to the General City Purposes Fund No. 100/56 Account No. 000955,
COVID-19 Emergency Response to pay for unpaid COVID-related expenses/invoices
associated with the operation of COVID-19 testing and vaccination sites, with said amount
to be fully reimbursed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.