COVID-19 Emergency Response / Building and Safety Permit Enterprise Fund / Loan

MOTION-- On March 17, 2020, Council adopted a motion to transfer $20 million from the Reserve
Fund to the General City Purposes Fund under a new account entitled "COVID-19
Emergency Response" to provide additional funding for City departments to respond to the
COVID-19 pandemic (CF20-0147-S46]. In accordance with the Council action, the City
Administrative Officer is authorized to expend these funds at the direction of the Mayor.

The costs of the City response will exceed the $20 million allocation and an additional
appropriation will be required. The Mayor's Office has identified the use of the Building and
Safety Building Permit Enterprise Fund as a potential source to provide a $50 million loan
for the City’s emergency response. It is anticipated the loan will be repaid as soon as Fiscal
Year 2020-21 by the General Fund and/or State and federal funds for COVID-19 response.

The Council previously adopted a resolution authorizing the Mayor to transfer up to $1
million in funding pursuant to Charter Section 340 (C.F. 20-0147-S5). Because the
requested loan exceeds this threshold, Council action is required to effectuate the loan to
continue the Citywide response efforts.

I THEREFORE MOVE that Council authorize the Controller to transfer a $50 million
appropriation from Fund 48R, Building and Safety Permit Enterprise Fund, Department 08,
Account 08S204, Reserve for Future Cost, to Fund 100, Department 56, Account 000955,
COVID-19 Emergency Response, with the understanding that these funds are a temporary
loan to be repaid from future General Fund and/or State and federal funds for COVID-19