CleanStat is Helping Beautify LA Streets


LOS ANGELES - The city just launched a new initiative to keep LA's streets clean.

CleanStat is a new street index that scores the cleanliness of all of the city's public streets and alleys. More than 22,000 miles of streets were assessed by the Bureau of Sanitation to create the new database. Of the 39,915 road segments documented, 61% were rated clean, 35% were rated somewhat clean, while streets rated unclean made up 4% of total street segments.

The streets are scored with a one, two or three -- one being clean and three as not clean, based on four factors: litter, weeds, bulky items and illegal dumping. This assessment will be repeated every quarter. Using the data, the city hopes to target the areas with the greatest need with speed and efficiency, prevent illegal dumping, and identify hot spots of litter and trash where trash receptacles can be added to address cleanliness. 

For more information, visit If you want to volunteer to help keep our neighborhood streets clean, call 818-755-7676, and if you see bulky items or trash in your neighborhood, call 3-1-1.