City to Review Cost-Saving Measure on Police Overtime


LOS ANGELES - Councilmember Krekorian recently introduced a motion to tackle the high cost of police overtime as a result of court appearances for traffic citation cases. 

Last year, the Los Angeles paid $90 million toward the cost of police overtime, a portion of which resulted from traffic court appearances. LAPD officers regularly have to appear in court to testify in traffic citation cases, many of which require overtime hours in order for the court to collect on the violation. 

The measure aims to create a workable plan to reimburse the city for LAPD court-related overtime costs in order to save taxpayer dollars and improve the city's finances. City staff will report back with options on how to recover the LAPD's court-related costs
"The public safety of our communities comes first," said Krekorian. "As chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, safeguarding our city's finances is also a top priority. That's why striking a balance that allows our public safety professionals to have the tools and the time they need to get the job done, and also safeguards LA from additional costs will make our city safer, more efficient and more financially secure."