City Public Health Department / Emergency Response / Establishment

MOTION-- The COVID-19 pandemic has decimated Los Angeles, killing thousands of individuals and leaving
many families without a grandparent, parent, or child. As the region has responded to the COVID19 pandemic, the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health has served as the primary
agency tasked with implementing public health guidelines, testing, and vaccine distribution.

One of the biggest challenges of the pandemic has been ensuring that resources such as PPE,
testing sites, and vaccine sites are placed where they are needed most. In neighborhoods such
as Sun Valley, Pico-Union, and Boyle Heights, one in six people has had COVID-19. Yet, because
the city’s public health response is run by the county, the city has very little control over how
resources are allocated.

Pursuant to Los Angeles Administrative Code Section 8.272, the city should explore the feasibility
of creating its own public health department in order to determine if having local control will
improve the ability of the city to respond to public health emergencies.

I THEREFORE MOVE that the Chief Legislative Analyst, in coordination with the City
Administrative Officer, report on the feasibility of establishing a City of Los Angeles Public Health

I FURTHER MOVE that this report look at the responsibilities associated with this proposed
department, the cost of implementing it, and the revenue sources such as state and federal dollars
which would provide the necessary funding for its operation.