City Office Space / Lease Renegotiation / Remote Work / Personnel Reduction / Consolidation / COVID-19 Pandemic

MOTION-- The COVID-19 pandemic forced die City, like so many other employers, to undertake
extraordinary efforts to adapt its operations to an environment where staff can no longer
be physically present together. The City has created innovative systems and processes to
facilitate remote work, and many of the City's administrative employees have found new
and effective ways to get the job done from outside city facilities.

As the City grapples with the catastrophic financial impacts of the pandemic on its budget,
one potential opportunity for cost reduction is in reconsidering the ongoing need for
leased space for City staff. At least some remote operations likely could be continued
indefinitely, even after the pandemic. The need for leased space for staff should be
reconsidered and leases renegotiated or discontinued to realize cost savings.

I THEREFORE MOVE that the City Council INSTRUCT the City Administrative Officer to
work in concert with the General Services Department to identify leases for City staff
office space that can be renegotiated due to reduced need or changed market conditions.

I FURTHER MOVE that the City Council INSTRUCT the General Services Department to
develop a plan (i] identifying opportunities that are presented to reduce or eliminate
leased space due to reduction in personnel or increased telecommuting or remote
operations, (if) to consolidate remaining leased space to increase efficiency and beneficial
co-location, and (iii) to coordinate with the departments impacted by changes in the lease
agreements to ensure that disruption of operations is minimized.