Why I am calling for a one-year prohibition on sale of cannabis vaping products


DAILY NEWS | PUBLISHED: October 7, 2019 

On an almost daily basis, the news media have been reporting more heartbreaking stories of youths and young adults experiencing serious lung disease, or in some cases dying, as a result of using cannabis vaping products.

The numbers, which continue to rise, are sobering. The Centers for Disease Control recently reported a 52 percent surge in vaping lung cases, bringing the national total to 805. By the end of September, 90 people had been hospitalized in California alone due to vaping, and two Californians had lost their lives.

Yet since 2014 vaping has become the most common way for youth to consume cannabis or tobacco. The variety and volume of e-cigarette products on the market, many of which are predominantly used for the purpose of consuming cannabis products, has increased steadily over the past five years.

With that in mind, last month I filed a motion to impose a one-year prohibition on the sale of all cannabis vaping products and associated accessories within the City of Los Angeles. I believe that in the midst of a public health crisis it is both dangerous and irresponsible for government and business to take no action and simply hope for better outcomes...

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