Call 311 for Bulky Item Pickup


LOS ANGELES - Illegal dumping is a serious quality of life issue for our neighborhoods. In the City of Los Angeles, it's against the law to discard old sofas, refrigerators, mattresses and other large household items on the curb outside of homes and apartment buildings. It's also frustrating and unsightly for everyone in the community.

Fortunately, the city has a solution: call 311. If you want to get rid of bulky items, call 311 at least one day before your regular trash collection day and the Bureau of Sanitation will remove the items for free. Call any day between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. with a list of items you want picked up. You can also download the My311 smart phone app or submit a service request online:

To be a good neighbor, make sure to contact the city before you put bulky items out on the street or in your yard.

You should also call 311 to report illegally dumped items whenever you see them. Once you do, the Bureau of Sanitation will come out to remove the items. This is a very helpful service provided by the city.

Help keep our neighborhoods safe and clean by encouraging them to call 311.