Bureau of Sanitation / Overtime Salaries / Solid Waste Resources Revenue Fund (SWRRF) / Transfer

MOTION-- LA Sanitation and Environment (LASAN) provides services to ensure the health and safety of our residents,
communities, and the environment. Critical services include collection and recycling of solid resources
materials for residential customers and City departments and collection, treatment and recycling of
wastewater to produce recycled water, and livability services.

LASAN’s previous request for a transfer to the Solid Waste Resources Revenue Fund (SWRRF) Overtime
Salaries Account was reduced by $2 million in the 2021-22 Second Financial Status Report. Based on an
analysis of current payroll records, including actual data from pay period 14, which includes the Christmas
and New Year’s holidays, LASAN has determined that the Overtime Salaries Account does not contain an
adequate balance to meet payroll for FY 2021 -22. While a transfer of funds is being requested in the 2021 -
22 Third/Mid-Year Financial Status Report, the timing of that report will not meet LASAN’s immediate
payroll needs, particularly with the impacts from the ongoing COVID surge. Staff shortages in nondeferrable activities such as the collection of refuse have necessitated the significant use of overtime. The
projected savings within LASAN’s SWRRF 001010 Salaries General Account and the 50VX82 Expense
and Equipment Account are sufficient to fully cover this transfer.

I THEREFORE MOVE that the City Council, subject to the approval of the Mayor, authorize the Controller
to transfer funds within Fund 100/82 and Fund 508/50 Bureau of Sanitation as follows:

Account Numbers:

1. 001010 (SWRRF)
2. 50VX82 (SWRRF)
3. 001090 (SWRRF)

Account Names:

1. Salaries, General
2. Expense and Equipment
3. Salaries, Overtime

1. $1,925,000
2. $1,075,000
3. $3,000,000