Alert: Wilacre Park Closed for Improvements


STUDIO CITY - Wilacre Park is temporarily closed for park renovations.

During the four-month closure, lasting through Jan. 5, 2018, construction crews will complete upgrades to create a fully-functioning, private and modern restroom facility for park goers, update the parking lot, and improve access to picnic tables to ensure nature lovers of all abilities are offered the same opportunity to access and enjoy the park. The park's trails will be closed during this period to allow crews the opportunity to safely complete the improvements.

Wilacre Park is home to the popular Betty B. Dearing trail and the Cross Mountain Park trail system, which provide access to Fryman Canyon Park, Coldwater Canyon Park and Franklin Canyon Park. The 128-acre park offers hikers and visitors miles of winding trails and sweeping views of the Santa Monica Mountains. For more information about Wilacre Park, visit