Advocating in Sacramento

This past Tuesday, Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell and I went to Sacramento to discuss funding for homeless services and other issues. We met with the governor's office and a number of legislators, including several from the San Fernando Valley.

In his proposed 2020-21 budget, the governor called for an additional $1.4 billion to address the statewide homeless crisis. The councilmember and I emphasized the importance of having state funds flow directly to cities.

We also discussed funding for mental health services and state laws regarding homeless encampments.

On a related topic, the councilmember and I urged opposition to Senate Bill 50, which would allow construction of mid-rise apartment complexes near rail stations, major bus routes, and job centers. Last April, the Council voted to oppose the bill, expressing concern that among other things it could lead to the displacement of tenants.