A Safe and Healthy New School Year

Last month, LAUSD welcomed more than 450,000 students to their campuses for the first time in almost a year and half.

With COVID-19 infections surging yet again due to the Delta variant, LAUSD has instituted a number of safeguards. Schools require all students, staff, and visitors to wear their masks and to maintain physical distancing from others as much as possible. Students and staff are encouraged to wash their hands frequently, while the schools have implemented comprehensive sanitizing routines and upgraded air filtration systems.  Our schools now require vaccines for employees and COVID testing for employees and students.  Periodic COVID testing continues, and mobile vaccination clinics are visiting every high school and middle school. 

LA’s students and their families have had to endure a lot of hardship throughout this pandemic.  We should all be proud and grateful that our teachers and school staff have made such great efforts to get our children safely back into their classrooms.

Since the pandemic school closures, many drivers may have gotten out of the habit of being extra careful around schools.  Please keep your eyes on the road and watch out for students. They’ve waited so long to return to school, let’s all do our part to make sure they get to campus and back safely.