A Parking Sign Redesign

1103.jpgHave you ever been aggravated when you parked in an area with multiple conflicting parking signs that you really had to struggle to figure out? I'm working to make it much easier for people to know when and where they can park.

I recently introduced a City Council motion urging the city to pursue an alternative, grid-style sign that lays out a 12-hour cycle where parking restrictions are clearly written and understandable to everyone.

Everyone who drives in this city has had to deal with deciphering confusing and complex parking signs. I don't want parking to be a guessing game where people worry about getting ticketed because they can't easily tell where they can park and when.  

You shouldn't need the Rosetta Stone to park in Los Angeles.  

In 45 days, the LA Dept. of Transportation will present design proposals to the City Council's Transportation Committee, on which I sit. I am confident they will come back with new, simpler signage that we can implement as a pilot program first and later bring to the whole city. 

Read my parking sign redesign motion here:


Watch the ABC 7 News report on my motion. 

In the meantime, if you see a crazy sign around LA, take a photo and email it to [email protected] or post it to me on social media using the hashtag #isawthesign.