A Good Solution: The City's Dispute Resolution Program


LOS ANGELES - Want to settle a dispute out of court? The Dispute Resolution Program, run by the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, offers free mediation services to residents and businesses in Los Angeles County.

The Dispute Resolution program is a community-based program which provides free mediation, conciliation, and facilitation services in English and Spanish. During the mediation process, parties to the conflict meet face-to-face to discuss their dispute with the guidance and support of a neutral mediator. 

The program offers a no-cost, risk-free and confidential service to help the parties reach a solution. Issues that the City Attorney's office can help mediate include:

  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Consumer/Merchant
  • Elder Care
  • Neighbor/Neighbor
  • Interpersonal
  • Homeowner Association
  • Property
  • Small Business
  • Family Disputes
  • Small Claims
  • Employment
  • Ownership
  • Environmental
  • Domestic Relations
  • Complex Multi-Party
For more information about the program, call 213.978.1880 or click here.