A Commitment to Strengthening Our Communities


I want to take a moment to thank you for your steadfast support and continued partnership. The work we are doing to improve our San Fernando Valley communities is so important, and I am honored to continue to serve as your Councilmember in wonderful District 2.

In the five years since I first took office, we have accomplished so much together:

  • Made city government more transparent and accountable to the public, including opening the budget process to local stakeholders, reforming DWP and creating an independent ratepayer advocate;
  • Cut the city's budget deficit by $850 million, and restored funding for police and fire services, senior centers, parks, sidewalk repair and tree trimming;
  • Supported arts and culture by establishing and funding a citywide mural program, added public murals across District 2, removed millions of square feet of graffiti and increased penalties for graffiti vandalism on murals and buildings;
  • Improved the quality of life in our neighborhoods by protecting open space, revitalizing the Los Angeles River and opening parks throughout District 2;
  • Supported job growth in the film and TV industry by making it easier to film in Los Angeles and hosted the region's only film festival dedicated to the work of high school students;
  • Protected the character of our communities by limiting mansionization and preserving our urban forest;
  • Helped businesses by lowering their tax burden, establishing a city preference for local vendors and holding monthly public gatherings to spotlight small businesses;
  • Improved public transit in the Valley with better bus and rail service, safer streets, less traffic and more options for bicyclists and pedestrians; and
  • Empowered our communities by supporting Neighborhood Councils, nonprofit organizations and local service providers.

These are just some of the many things we have achieved. I am ecstatic that we now have the opportunity to do even more together. In the coming weeks, months and years, I look forward to hearing from you, working side by side with you and continuing to move ahead on the issues that most impact our neighborhoods.