A Closer Look: What is a Senior Lead Officer?


EAST VALLEY - Community police stations are integral to keeping our neighborhoods safe. Fostering strong relationships to improve community trust and creating partnerships to fight crime are just some of the ways the Los Angeles Police Department helps our community. 

Captain Donald Graham of the North Hollywood Community Police Station recently shared insight into the work of a community police station and what Senior Lead Officers (SLOs) do for the communities they serve. Here's a snippet of what he had to say:

"Our North Hollywood [SLOs] perform [their] mission each time they come to work. In addition, they are tasked with working with detectives to solve crimes, working with our vice, narcotics and gang units to develop intelligence and focus the enforcement efforts of those specialized units, develop crime fighting strategies for their Basic Car crime problems and liaising with other entities, such as the City Attorney Neighborhood Prosecutor; other city, county, state, federal, LAPD and NGO resources to solve long term problems of blight, crime and traffic. 

That is a pretty hefty job. The SLOs are expected to obtain information from crime reports, detectives, community groups and individuals, and then prioritize and seek resources to develop strategies. Their specialty is developing partnerships among community members as well as government and non-government resources to solve these problems.

Each one of my SLOs is a very special and talented officer. They have experience, wisdom, communication skills, leadership qualities and a commitment to improve their Basic Car. In short, they have ownership of that community."

At the North Hollywood Community Police Station, 300 sworn officers and 31 civilians, in addition to 32 reserve officers and 28 citizen volunteers, serve the communities of North Hollywood, Studio City, Valley Village, Valley Glen, Toluca Lake, West Toluca Lake and a portion of Sun Valley. The dedicated senior lead officers collaborate with our neighborhoods everyday to keep our communities safe. Next time you see your neighborhood SLO, be sure to be kind and say "hello."


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Senior Lead Officer Shawn Smith
Cell Phone (818) 634-2593 


Find out who the SLO is for your area by clicking here or contacting the North Hollywood Community Police Station at (877) 275-5273.