2118 Sylvan Street / Valley Plaza / December 13, 2021 Fire / Vacant Property / Fire Life Safety Equipment Requirement / Enhanced Security Measures

MOTION-- On the evening of December 13, 2021 a long-vacant property at 2118 Sylvan Street in North
Hollywood (part of the old Valley Plaza shopping center), caught fire. Over 100 Los Angeles
Fire Department firefighters were required to respond to that fire, at significant risk to
their own lives and at great expense to the City. After they courageously extinguished the
fire, the remaining unsafe structure was demolished by the LAFD, at significant further
expense to the City.

The property, and others in Valley Plaza under common ownership, have been vacant and
in a state of disrepair for many years. At this location, and at countless similar locations
throughout the city, vacant buildings create a blight on surrounding neighborhoods.
Particularly when they have not been secured and are vulnerable to entry by squatters and
other trespassers, these vacant structures also put nearby buildings at increased risk of fire.

I THEREFORE MOVE that the Council INSTRUCT the City Attorney, in consultation with the
Department of Building and Safety and the Fire Department, to prepare an ordinance
requiring property owners to install and maintain fire life safety equipment and enhanced
security measures at any structure that remains vacant for more than 180 days.

I FURTHER MOVE that the Council INSTRUCT the Chief Legislative Analyst to report, in
concert with the Department of Building and Safety and the Fire Department, on a
proactive vacant structure inspection program that will ensure that vacant structures
throughout the city are held to the standards contemplated in the aforementioned

I FURTHER MOVE that the Council REQUEST the City Attorney to evaluate and pursue all
remedies that may be available to the City (i) to recoup costs associated with the December
13, 2021 fire at 2118 Sylvan Street from the property owner, and (ii) to ensure that the
property owner maintains the property and surrounding parcels under its ownership in a
manner that eliminates blight and preserves public safety.