2021 Light Up Valley Village / Valley Village Neighborhood Council / Neighborhood Council Fund

MOTION-- I MOVE that the Council transfer and appropriate $704.02 from revenue source 5188 to the
Neighborhood Council Fund No. 59B-14, Account No. 141279 (Valley Village Neighborhood
Council) for the purpose of funding the 2021 Light Up Valley Village event. The funds represent
a refund that is due from a canceled Neighborhood Council of Valley Village sponsored event,
Light Up Valley Village which was to have taken place on December 7, 2019.

I FURTHER MOVE that the Council authorize any corrections, clarifications, or revisions to the 
above fund allocation, transfer instructions, including any new instructions, in order to effectuate
the intent of this motion, including any corrections and changes to fund or account numbers;
said corrections clarifications changes may be made orally, electronically, or by any other