2020-21 Year-End / Supplemental Funding

MOTION-- The 2020-21 Year-End Financial Status Report (FSR) includes budgetary adjustments to
close out the fiscal year. These adjustments will address the budget gap attributed to the
elimination of furloughs and unbudgeted pandemic related activities. It is anticipated that
the Council will consider the FSR in June, but some departments require supplemental
funding now to meet immediate payroll and contractual obligations.

1. Transfer $10,562,236 from the Unappropriated Balance Fund No. 100/58, Account
No. 580196, Reserve for Mid-Year Adjustments Account to the following funds and

TOTAL = $10,562,236

2. Transfer $245,275 from the Capital Finance Administration Fund No. 100/53, Account
No. 000342, MICLA 2012-B CP Real Property Refinancing to the Bureau of Street
Lighting Fund No. 100/84, Account No. 001010, Salaries General.

3. Transfer $35,000 in Sewer Capital Funds from the Bureau of Engineering Fund No.
1 00/78, Account No. 001090, Overtime General to the Bureau of Engineering Fund
No. 100/78, Account No. 001100, Hiring Hall Salaries.