• New Hope for the Homeless of CD2

  • Councilmember Krekorian hosts the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, on his historic visit to Los Angeles

  • Debut of the JEDI

  • Council Honors 110th Anniversary of Boy Scouts of America

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Four_Pillers_in_One.jpgAs a third generation San Fernando Valley resident I have spent my entire adult life advocating for community empowerment and good government. My top priorities are bringing continued progress, prosperity, mobility and sustainability to our Valley. Please use this website, sign up for my newsletter and contact my offices if you need assistance. My staff and I will always go the extra mile to serve you.


City Council President
Councilmember, Second District

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    First 100 Days of the New Council

    In the first 100 days since five new members took office, the reconstituted Council has...
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    Reforming City Government

    Immediately upon becoming Council President, Paul Krekorian created the Ad Hoc Committee on City Governance Reform to consider changes to our City Charter and Municipal Code. The committee is studying long overdue improvements such as reducing the size of Council districts, updating the municipal lobbying ordinance, reforming the land use and permitting process, and creating a truly independent redistricting process to end the poisonous cycle of backroom dealing exposed in the notorious audio recordings released last year.
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  • Latest from the blog

    Progress in the First Quarter of 2023

    As we close the first quarter of 2023, the newly constituted City Council has already made major accomplishments on issues of long-term importance for our city, including actions to address homelessness, housing, public safety and the environment.   
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    Risking Life and Limb to Bring You Power and Light

    Over the last weeks, Los Angeles saw its heaviest rainfall in over 40 years. Extreme rain and wind toppled trees and power lines, cutting off electricity to thousands of Angelenos. The Los Angeles Department of Water and power swung into action immediately, raising the incident status to Level 3, the highest state of alert, comparable to a major earthquake or terrorist attack. Although many customers were without power for days, LADWP crews worked around the clock in the wind and the rain. As of this writing, the lights are back on in most of the city, but at least one LADWP crew member remains in intensive care after sustaining serious injuries while repairing damaged power lines in the East San Fernando Valley. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to these unsung heroes who risk their lives high overhead and in flooded vaults below our streets to turn our lights back on when natural disaster strikes. 
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