Councilmember Krekorian is Chair of the City Council's newly created Ad Hoc Job Creation Committee and also sits on the Economic Development Committee. Throughout his tenure in office, Krekorian has worked to implement changes to the city’s policies that will make it easier to do business in Los Angeles, create good jobs and boost the city's vital economic sectors.

He has lowered and simplified the city's confusing business tax, supported tax relief for Internet based businesses and new car dealers, crafted legislation that encourages the City of Los Angeles to contract with local businesses, cracked down on illegal medical marijuana dispensaries, and pushed for a better, streamlined permitting process for new businesses.

Krekorian helped craft the City Council's final plan to raise the city's minimum wage, and took great pains to make sure it was done right, taking into consideration the wants and needs of working families, along with our small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Krekorian believes that development must be smart and balanced with the needs of neighborhoods. He has opposed all out of character development projects, especially in residential neighborhoods. He successfully led the charge to prevent mansionization in Studio City, expanded that to Valley Village and is working on creating a sustainable policy for the rest of the city. He has also worked to reduce the number of billboards in Los Angeles, to eliminate mobile billboards - long a headache for Valley residents - and persuaded phone companies not to build commercial cell towers in parks and in front of single-family residences.


Posted on Jan 30, 2017
When I was on the Cleveland High School swim team, I remember day after day of exhausting laps in the pool. As we trained hard for our swim meets, one of the things that got me to push through those last meters was the sound of that unforgettable anthem of the Olympic Games.

Posted on Sep 23, 2016
The Los Angeles City Planning Commission just voted overwhelmingly to approve NOHO West, a critical redevelopment project that will revitalize Laurel Plaza and make this East San Fernando Valley commercial corridor thrive once again. This is a huge step forward for what I believe will be the cornerstone of a bright commercial future in the area. Securing a worthy redevelopment project here and in Valley Plaza has been my top economic development priority since I took office in January 2010. With NOHO West, we can all look forward to 24+ acres of top-notch, brand new retail, entertainment, office and housing options for Valley residents. 

Posted on Sep 09, 2016
The San Fernando Valley is a treasure trove of hidden commercial gems. From restaurants and coffee shops, to great boutiques and salons, some of the best places to eat, shop and play are tucked away in our neighborhoods, just around the corner from where we live. Our communities wouldn't be the same without these go-to destinations. That's why I want to you to tell me about the important community fixtures that bring so much vibrancy to our neighborhoods.  In this quick and easy survey, please share your favorite places, how you get there and what makes them so special to you. As always, I look forward hearing your feedback and appreciate your insight into the things that make our neighborhoods so vibrant. Please take the Community Survey today and forward it along to everyone in your neighborhood. Your input will make our city stronger and help me better serve you.   Very truly yours,  Councilmember Paul krekorian  

Posted on Sep 02, 2016
  LOS ANGELES - This week the City Council's Jobs Committee, chaired by Councilmember Krekorian, reviewed the committee's report, entitled Jobs and Business Advancement in Los Angeles - An Action Plan and approved its final recommendations for a citywide jobs creation plan. The full City Council will hear the report in the coming weeks.

Posted on Jul 15, 2016
Summer is a wonderful time to get out of the house and explore your neighborhood. Whether it's trying a new coffee shop or going to a new place for lunch, the East Valley has so many great spots for foodies to enjoy.   Throughout the year, I've had the pleasure of hosting Lunch with Paul community events at local eateries that are committed to serving our city and offer some of the tastiest dishes on this side of the hill. This special edition of Our Valley News takes a look at some of the great places we've explored so far.  If you've joined me for lunch in the past, you know how fun and delicious these events can be. If you haven't, I encourage you to join the fun and support a great local business at the next community lunch. In the meantime, I hope you visit the places featured in this newsletter, along with all the other great Valley eateries that enrich our communities.  Do you have a favorite restaurant, coffee shop or ice cream parlor in your neighborhood? Please tell me about it by emailing Your suggestion could be the next spot for Lunch with Paul.